The main strength and backbone of this college is the excellent, experienced and committed teaching staff, who possess wisdom, work culture and determination to inspire/ motivate the students in acquisition of knowledge, memory power, practical skills besides cultivation of discipline and character. The lectures mingle with students well and impart highest standard of quality as well as value based education thereby guiding them to achieve highest marks and ranks in the University and All India competitive exams. They also conduct regular group discussions, seminars and involve the students in project woks to enable the students to come up with innovative and creative ideas and making the students to realize their immense inner potential each one has and to test their communicative skills.


Smt K Jaya

Dept. of Zoology

Smt M Jyothi

Dept. of Chemistry

Smt Puja Prasad

Dept. of English

V. Sruthi

Dept. of Chemistry

Smt. B Viswa Kiranmayi

Dept. of English

Mis. Anupama Tudu

Dept. of Bio-Technology

Smt. GNV Lakshmi

Dept. of Mathematics

Smt. M Padma

Dept. of Microbiology

Smt G Hima Bindu

Dept. of Computer Science

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